Farewell to a Great Champion, Andre Agassi

Andre AgassiYou know you’re getting old when sports stars your age begin to slow down and retire. I was reminded of this last week during the NBA finals as the commentators noted that the “elder” Shaq doesn’t play like he used to. Continue reading Farewell to a Great Champion, Andre Agassi


The Refs Close-out the Mavs, 95-92

Referee Holds the Mavs Back

The story coming out of this depressing series will be all about Dwayne Wade’s rising star, but the real story should be about how the referees handed some close games to the Miami Heat. The Mavericks had their hands full with the Heat, and it’s a shame that they had to compete against the refs as well. I have to say that the officiating was disgusting at some critical moments, and it cost the Mavs a championship.

That being said, the Mavs were not on top of their game. They could have played much better. If they had, their fortunes would not have been determined by the poor officiating.
Heat Win

Congratulations to the Miami Heat. Dwayne Wade is an amazing player, and they couldn’t have done it without him. Also (and I mean this with all sincerity), I am always happy when great players in the twilight of their careers win a championship. I am thrilled that both Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning will leave the league with a championship under their belt. Well done.

Nevertheless, I am now going to put on my sackcloth and ashes. If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying myself to sleep.

Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Mavs PastorJust when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the fact that the Mavs lost last night, I came across this story in the Dallas Morning News: “Pastor turns service into pep rally for God, Mavs.”

Apparently, this pastor in this Dallas area doesn’t know the difference between a worship service and a pep rally. Can you guess what his justification is for profaning Sunday morning worship? It’s pretty predictable.

“We put God in a box. Why can’t we bring life into the house of worship? More people will come to church if you have these kinds of things.”

Mavs 100, Heat 101

Josh Howard et. al.I am way too emotionally invested in this series. I am dejected. What a heartbreaker.

Though Dirk Nowitzki didn’t seem to be channeling David Hasselhoff (see previous post), Josh Howard seemed to be channeling Chris Webber. Josh Howard really messed up in calling the time-out when he did.

Anyway, here’s the coverage of game 5 of the NBA Finals in the Dallas Morning News: “Burned: Heat outlasts Mavs, 101-100.”

P.S. The officiating was horrible. Wade didn’t deserve that last foul. He went in clean and just missed a lay-up.

Can Nowitzki Channel Hasselhoff While Shooting Jump Shots?

David Hasselhoff, I am a sucker for the underdog, and therefore I am a sucker for our hometeam, the Dallas Mavericks. I was a manager at the Mavericks’ practice facility back in the bad old days when they used to lose all the time. It was really sad back then when they just couldn’t get a break.

But now things have changed, and all of us here in Dallas have our hopes set on a championship. Yet after watching the Mavs lose a heartbreaker on Tuesday and an ego-crusher on Thursday, many of us are beginning to feel that sinking feeling in our stomachs again. Continue reading Can Nowitzki Channel Hasselhoff While Shooting Jump Shots?