Can Nowitzki Channel Hasselhoff While Shooting Jump Shots?

David Hasselhoff, I am a sucker for the underdog, and therefore I am a sucker for our hometeam, the Dallas Mavericks. I was a manager at the Mavericks’ practice facility back in the bad old days when they used to lose all the time. It was really sad back then when they just couldn’t get a break.

But now things have changed, and all of us here in Dallas have our hopes set on a championship. Yet after watching the Mavs lose a heartbreaker on Tuesday and an ego-crusher on Thursday, many of us are beginning to feel that sinking feeling in our stomachs again.

Those of us who are fans know that the sinking stomach might be more than a feeling as long as our players are getting suspended and Dirk Nowitzki is shooting poorly from the field. Right now, what we really need is for Dirk Nowitzki to bring his A-game. And that means that we need him to channel David Hasselhoff not only at the foul line, but also when he’s shooting jump shots.

Jerry Stackhouse Hacks-a-ShaqI think he can do it, and I’m still holding out hope for a championship. What I don’t want is for our main memory of the 2005-2006 season to be Nowitzki’s fondness for this.

In any case, if the Mavs will just bring home a championship, I’ll even listen to some Hasselhoff.


10 thoughts on “Can Nowitzki Channel Hasselhoff While Shooting Jump Shots?”

  1. I am from Houston and I am finding it really hard to root for the Mavs. The main reason because of Mark Cuban, just don’t care for him all that much. Also the fact that this would give Dallas bragging rights in the state of Texas. I would prefer to be able to say hey you went to the finals but you lost Spurs 3, Rockets 2, Mavs …. 0.

  2. While I’m not a Cuban apologist, it’s hard to argue with what he’s done for the Mavs and the NBA. In six years he’s taken an NBA laughing stock and made them into a premier team.

    And since I am a Mavs fan… let’s not forget that those two Rocket Rings are a gift from Jordan. Next to winning the championship in a stike-shortened season, those two rings in the Bulls dynasty sandwich are about as insignificant as a championship can be.

  3. Man I feel abused. Ouch! insignificant come on? Next your going to say all the championships after jordan … spurs was the same. All that time the mavs either had no talent on their teams and sucked or had the most talented lineup in the league and still sucked. Really?

  4. Not to bring up how rediculous that argument is or anything, but it is. First Jordan was in the league for the 2nd title, so forget that one. Second, Clyde’s Blazers almost beat Jordan in the finals, so with him teamed up with Hakeem they would have won. Remember the Bulls lost to the Knicks, who lost to the Magic, who got sweeped by the Rockets. The Rockets were the best team on the planet those two years Hakeem was the best player. I don’t care if Jordan was in the league or not, the Rockets would have won anyway.

    I also have a hard time rooting for the Mavs, but I have a great time rooting against them. Go Heat.

  5. I think what the Mavs need more than Dirk’s A-game is just a fair game. That’s all I ask. Call the game by the rulebook.

    Mavs will have to win five games to win the series now. Can’t beat everyone on the Heat and the gray shirts too.


  6. Even though I don’t wish to pull for the Mavs last night I really felt bad for Josh Howard. Seemed like Chris Webber all over again. Glad the Heat won, but didn’t like how they won. but I am sure they will take it.

    Happy Father’s Day Denny. 2nd Father’s day for myself.

  7. Howard’s timeout call is questionable, but he did signal timeout.

    I was more disappointed in the missed backcourt violation and Wade pushing Terry out of bounds before driving to the basket and missing his off balance lay-up.

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