Farewell to a Great Champion, Andre Agassi

Andre AgassiYou know you’re getting old when sports stars your age begin to slow down and retire. I was reminded of this last week during the NBA finals as the commentators noted that the “elder” Shaq doesn’t play like he used to.

Today Andre Agassi announced that he would be retiring from professional Tennis. He said that his last tournament would be this year’s U. S. Open.

Andre AgassiI feel like I grew up watching Agassi play tennis (or maybe I should say, grew up with him). When I played on my high school tennis team back in the late ’80’s, Agassi was the man. He was the James Dean of tennis. He was to tennis was rock ‘n roll is to music. He was the proverbial rebel who exuded cool.

It’s been interesting to watch him grow out of that over the years into an “elder statesman” of the game. What a great career he’s had, what a great contribution he’s made to the sport, and what a great champion.

Agassi, you will be missed.


4 thoughts on “Farewell to a Great Champion, Andre Agassi”

  1. What a difference in hair styles too. No telling how good he would have done if he did not have to hall around that mop. He should have went with the shave from the beginning.

  2. I love Agassi. He’ll always be my favorite tennis player.

    The hair whether a good look or not shot his fame up quicker than winning tennis matches. He’d still be as famous now because of the winning, but he wouldn’t have been as famous back then so quickly.

    Let’s hope Roddick can put up some fight against Federer. I do hope that Andre can win his last appearance in the Open that would be so AWESOME!


  3. Love, love, love me some Andre Agassi. I am proud to say that I had Andre Agassi bookcovers back in high school – made them myself. I also have a signed tennis ball that I slept with for weeks after I first got it. Oh yeah, I had it bad…

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