The Refs Close-out the Mavs, 95-92

Referee Holds the Mavs Back

The story coming out of this depressing series will be all about Dwayne Wade’s rising star, but the real story should be about how the referees handed some close games to the Miami Heat. The Mavericks had their hands full with the Heat, and it’s a shame that they had to compete against the refs as well. I have to say that the officiating was disgusting at some critical moments, and it cost the Mavs a championship.

That being said, the Mavs were not on top of their game. They could have played much better. If they had, their fortunes would not have been determined by the poor officiating.
Heat Win

Congratulations to the Miami Heat. Dwayne Wade is an amazing player, and they couldn’t have done it without him. Also (and I mean this with all sincerity), I am always happy when great players in the twilight of their careers win a championship. I am thrilled that both Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning will leave the league with a championship under their belt. Well done.

Nevertheless, I am now going to put on my sackcloth and ashes. If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying myself to sleep.


22 thoughts on “The Refs Close-out the Mavs, 95-92”

  1. Yeah, I agree. I would think that the refs would call more against the Heat now that the game is in Dallas. It did seem like we had the same refs as we did in Miami. For example on of the last fouls on the game by Dirk on Wade. That was ridiculous. Nevertheless, Dallas played like the Memphis Grizzlies the second half and that is not going to win the championship. Dirk did not get much help from Howard, and Terry either. Dirk missed way to many jump shots in the second half. It is disappointing to see that the Mavericks play their worst ball of the season in their last 3 games. It takes much more to win a championship. Hopefully, they will learn from this and bounce back next year. That seems like an eternity from now. I am still bitter about the NBA with the officiating and the fact that you can win a championship with one or two stars. It is a shame that is the case. So should the Mavs trade Terry, Stackhouse, and Harris for Wade? If they do they probably can win the title. That is pathetic.

  2. Dear Jared,

    Wade’s not going anywhere. They’ll give him whatever he wants in Miami.

    Isn’t it amazing that the Mavericks can play their worst and still only lose by a point or two (see last two games)?


  3. See last 6 games. I have not seen the Mavs play their best yet against the Heat. That is what is so disappointing about the series. We cannot complain though, the Mavs had plenty of chances to pull it out. And what happened to Dirk on offense? I know he made a lot of free throws, but you have to come through on the jumps. And Howard, Terry, Harris, Stackhouse. They were not on last night when they needed to be. One thing they need to work on next season is taking that ball to the basket. I do give the Heat credit. They are so physical in the paint. They did a great job blocking Mavs out and preventing all the layups. But the Mavs should have kept driving. They should have fouled a couple of them out. I just cannot believe how so many people can have such a bad game. I don’t think Howard ever showed up in the series. He had some decent games. But they really needed to get rolling and they never came alive in the second half like they began the game.

  4. If you want to blame the refs for calling calls for Miami then you need to point the finger at Mark Cuban. The guy just can’t stop talking and complaining. The refs should not take it out on the court like they do, but its almost like in baseball where if your pitcher hits one of our batters then our pitcher will hit your batter. The refs said something similiar “oh so you want to degrade us in public! … how about a few calls to the Heat?” Does not make it right, but honestly Mark Cuban deserved it. I personally think they should double his fines from this point on 250,000 to 500,000 then to 1,000,000 and so on. I just don’t think Cuban is getting the message from the NBA.

    Jared is right though … the Mavs had plenty opps to score towards the end. Wade even missed 2 free throws and basically gift wrapped overtime. I really thought we were going to see Dirk come in and go off for like 40 or 45 … oh well.

    Next year starts the LeBron James title run era.

  5. I hope the NBA doesn’t think that since it is selling Wade as the new Jordan that I’m buying it. Jordan earned everything he gained. Wade has had this title handed to him by the NBA brass in hopes of marketing the next ‘super’ star. When Jordan beat the Jazz with a push-off he at least had to make the shot to win the game. Wade not only didn’t have to make the shot, the officials called a foul on the defender that he pushed off. I understand stars getting calls, but blatantly obvious errors are disgusting and do not promote an NBA I want to watch. Marquis Daniels and Jason Terry got called earlier in the game for breathing on Wade where replays showed that neither Maverick was within a foot of touching him. 6 points donated to the Heat in a 3 point win is a heartbreaker. The Mavs had more fast break points, more points in the paint, and more points off turnovers than the Heat. One thing the Mavs didn’t have is the league’s blessing because our stars aren’t as marketable. So the only part of the game the league can control is the free throw shooting. Needless to say, the Heat got more of those than the Mavs again in game 6. I’m not naive enough to think that the league is rigged because its not. And I don’t think the officials intentionally screwed the Mavs because they didn’t (intentionally). But since they are human and are paid by the league that is trying to sell its ‘super’ stars, I can’t help but think that they are somewhat influenced accordingly.

    Needless to say, I’m an angry MFFL. I’ll be watching every Mavs game next year, but I won’t watch the other teams because the league is not worth wasting my time. David Stern even alienated his old school fan base yesterday on PTI. He’s not done much to make the NBA appealing to me, that’s for sure.


  6. I just have to say that all this whining about the refs is really bugging me. The Mavs beat the Spurs because they stayed with their game plan and refused to give in to the whining. The Spurs, on the other hand, griped and complained about the officiating, and let that distract them and frustrate them. The fact of the matter is that the refs didn’t beat the Spurs, the Mavs did.

    It’s the same thing here. Were the refs the reason that Dallas blew several double digit leads in this series? Did the refs cause the Mavs to lose game 3 after being up 13 with 6 minutes left? Seriously, the refs are part of the game – good or bad – and we really need to quit whining and just realize that the Mavs choked this championship away. They had no answer for Wade, and he got so many fouls because he put more pressure on the defense than any other player on the court. Great players get fouls because nobody can handle them defensively without fouling them.

    I wasn’t happy with the officiating, but it’s ludicrous to say that the refs cost the Mavs a championship. The Mavs poor offensive execution and inability to defend Wade cost them a championship… period.

  7. I don’t think the Mavs will have an easier chance for the title than they did this year. They won the first two and could have taken care of business in the 3rd game and did not. I think they are going to have a harder time next year making it past the Suns especially, Spurs and possibly the Clippers. There are a lot of teams in the West that are rising in addition to the Mavericks. The Mavs may have choked away their chance for the title ever or in a long time. What do y’all think? Can Avery pull them together again? I think we should see at least a few new faces on their team next year.

  8. Steve in #6,

    I don’t think the officials had anything to do with the game 3 collapse, that lies solely on the Mavs. But I do think the officials had a lot to do with the Mavs losing the large leads in game 5 and even more so in game 6. At the close of the first half of game 6 the Mavs were up by 10 points, and Wade received 2 calls (I mentioned the Marquis and Terry fouls where neither player was within a foot of Wade). Those calls broke the Mavs moment and effectively cut the lead in half. From then on it was a struggle. I think the Mavs did a good enough job defending Wade to win the game. The Mavs also had no answer to Duncan, but when the officials don’t hand the other team the game, the Mavs can beat anybody.

    Jared in #8, I agree that this is probably the best shot the Mavs will get at winning the title. The road will be difficult next year for sure, but I think the Mavs have learned a lot this post season that will help them in the future. As far as new faces, let Van Horn search for a new contract elsewhere and find a dead-on spot up shooter that can bail us out when we are cold. Leave everything else as is.


  9. Denny,
    I hate to whine but the best thing about the NBA is that it is now over, and now that the winter game of hockey is over in summer, we can get on with what matters in sports (notice, I didn’t call this “the” issue!): baseball and golf.


  10. Who is going to win game 7 tomorrow night? :o) bad joke.

    Go Texas Rangers! Go all the way!

    or go T.O.? hehe

    I think we might have to wait for the Mavs again next summer :o(

    Cowboys probably will get a wild card playoff.

  11. Jason,

    Look, refs are part of the game, and if you can’t overcome all aspects of the game, you will not win. That means playing strong defense, offense and being able to step up and overcome when the calls aren’t going your way. The Mavs weren’t able to do any of those things in game 6, and that’s why they lost. There were 4 minutes in the fist half and another 4 minutes in the 4th quarter when both Shaq and Alonzo Morning were on the bench. Dallas, instead of attacking the basket and scoring, was content to lob up failed three point attempt after failed three point attempt.

    Jason Terry – 7 for 25
    Jerry Stackhouse – 5 for 13
    Josh Howard – 5 for 16
    Dirk Nowitzki – 10 for 22

    That’s a total of 27 for 76!!

    When your key scorers shoot this poorly, you didn’t lose because of the officials. Any other conclusion is ludicrous! When did it become OK for teams and fans to whine so much?

  12. I’m not a huge basketball fan, haha don’t hurt me… but I thought the sackcloth and ashes comment was quite funny, lol… Poor lamenting Dallas fans.

  13. Steve Hayes is a punk! What’s up hoser?

    Remember that time we went to Fun in the Sun with Burguieres?

    Sorry I’m not contributing to the thread…but I stopped watching the NBA when Michael Jordan retired…the first time!

  14. Okay, Steve (et. al.),

    I am moving through the stages of grief. I’m almost through anger and denial, and I will be to acceptance before you know it. Until then, gimme some slack. 🙂


  15. Dr. McKnight (in #10),

    You are what they call a sports snob. Just for that, I am not going to give you my Methuselah rookie card. It’s a very rare item, and it could have been yours.


  16. Dear Dr. Burk,

    I’ve got to side with Dr. McKnight on this one. That is, about baseball, at least. But perhaps that’s just my depression over my beloved Blazers’ dismal performance over the past two years.

    I hope you’re doing well moving through the stages of grief. How does the “bargaining” stage work in a situation like this?

    I was rooting for the Mavs,

  17. Steve,

    I don’t disagree with you that the Mavs could have overcome the officials had they played their best basketball. They also would have won had they been perfect from the free throw line instead of 84%. My only beef is that Miami didn’t have to play their best basketball to win, they had help (Miami probably shot 20 percentage points lower from the line than the Mavs on average for the series but they got there nearly twice as much). I just ask for fairness. I’m sure this will illicit life’s not fair comments, but I don’t care. I’m still bitter 🙂

  18. One more thing about the poor shooting.

    I don’t think 10 for 22 from Dirk is all that bad as a percentage. Check Dwyane’s stats from game 5, 11-28 (but 20+ points from the free throw line).

  19. Wade attacking the basket = Free throws

    Dirk settling for jumpers = No free throws

    There’s your difference, Jason. Miami defended Dirk, but Dallas just couldn’t defend Wade. I love the Mavs, but the refs weren’t the problem with this series, the Mavs were.


    I haven’t seen you in years! I miss that screaming pterodactyl laugh of yours! Man, I long for the days of watching The Simpsons with you and Brad. Good to know you’re still around.

  20. The Mavs would have won if they would have taken the ball to the basket. You notice when they had their runs in the first and second quarter of game 6, they went ahead by 10. If I recall, that is how they got ahead in games 1-3 at certain spurts. But I think Miami intimidated the Mavs in the paint. I think they were scared their shots would get blocked or they would take a hard foul by those big Miami dudes like Shaq and Zo. And they did get clocked and their shots blocked. But if they would have kept at them, they would have got in there eventually and probably would have won the series. I don’t think they wanted it is bad as the Heat or they did not play like they wanted it that bad. They could have beat them in 4 or 5 if they would have played harder and smarter. They settled too much for jumps and tried to be the 3 pointer team they weren’t. And I think on the other side, Miami got their confidence back and willed to win more than the Mavs. And yes, they did get some help from the refs and the NBA. But Mavs still should have won. I hope they take this as a good lesson, and come back and beat the Pistons or the Heat in the finals next year.

  21. There was a basketball game on?

    Sorry, I was at the ballpark watching the Louisville Riverbats get destroyed by the Rochester Red Wings. However, that was after the Bats returned home to Louisville Slugger Field after an impressive 10-game road trip. The Bats went 9-1 on the trip, winning a season high eight straight. So things aren’t too bad.


    Sorry for your loss, Denny. How are those grief stages moving along?

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