Mavs 100, Heat 101

Josh Howard et. al.I am way too emotionally invested in this series. I am dejected. What a heartbreaker.

Though Dirk Nowitzki didn’t seem to be channeling David Hasselhoff (see previous post), Josh Howard seemed to be channeling Chris Webber. Josh Howard really messed up in calling the time-out when he did.

Anyway, here’s the coverage of game 5 of the NBA Finals in the Dallas Morning News: “Burned: Heat outlasts Mavs, 101-100.”

P.S. The officiating was horrible. Wade didn’t deserve that last foul. He went in clean and just missed a lay-up.


6 thoughts on “Mavs 100, Heat 101”

  1. HA HA! (in my best Simpson’s bully voice). Way too emotionally invested, eh? Reminds me of your Hawg days…LOL! Maybe you should write a song about it.

    Hope you had a Happy Father’s Day.

  2. What is a Mav and who is Wade?

    Hoodlum, how the heck are you? Now all we need is Steve Hayes to jump in, and Vos.

    You all need to be watching the World Cup instead of street ball.

  3. A mav is short for Maverick which is someone who exhibits great independence in thought or action. Wade is the NBA’s new poster boy that the league is trying to bolster by giving him 20 points a game with no one in his face.

    Jonathan in #4, the Mavs success at home will depend solely on the fairness of the game called. If the refs choose to follow David Stern’s commands and screw the Mavs, then there is nothing that can be done (no matter how well the Mavs play).


  4. Well, the Heat just won the title. They definitely deserve it now having won game 6. The Mavs just did not deserve to win it this year since they could not make a shot in the second half. It all came down to who wanted it more this game. Mavs settled too much for jump shots and got soft when they went to the rim getting all their layups blocked. I give it to them though. We should not be disappointed. They are still in the rebuilding process and had a wonderful season, especially taking out the Spurs finally. They faced way too much adversity in Miami and could not overcome. Great teams overcome and win. They had their chance to win it in Dallas and they did not play up to par for a NBA title team. I feel a little bit better to see that it did not come down to a foul. They just got outplayed. Another thing I am so frustrated about is that all you need is two stars on your team and the rest can be average to win the championship. Dallas had an awesome group of guys but only one star. And he (Dirk) did not have the best series. They needed it from him. He missed too many jump shots tonight. All I can say is Wade is incredible and worth about 4 Mavs. He made just about every shot and played awesome defense also. I hated that the Heat won because I don’t like Shaq. It is good to see someone else win this year besides the Lakers, Spurs, or Pistons. Anyway, I think we will see the Mavs back here next year. Hopefully they will be stronger in the shooting percentage. Definitely can’t look to Sports to find your happiness and fulfillment. Only in the Lord. I am amazed at how upset I can get over Sports when I really get into it. Calvin is right when he said our heart is an idol factory.

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