‘Wow, look at that.’

Dr. T. J. BettsThe Baptist Press reports that my good friend Dr. T. J. Betts witnessed a Hezbollah rocket attack while he was on an archeological dig in Israel last week. T. J. heard the explosion and saw the smoke billowing up after the rocket detonated about a mile from where he was working. My favorite part of the report is T. J.’s understated reaction to the attack: “Wow, look at that.”

I’m happy to learn that T. J. and his team are now evacuated and back in the U. S. You can read the rest of T. J.’s story here: “Prof witnesses rocket attack at Israeli archaeological site.”


2 thoughts on “‘Wow, look at that.’”

  1. Thats right, only the best of the best and the most brave teach at SBTS and Boyce. Go Prof. Betts! Aside from dodging rockets, Betts moonlights as one of the best hebrew teachers at Southern if I don’t say so myself!

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