The Procussions Take the World by Storm

The ProcussionsI like to listen to hip-hop. Okay, surprise, surprise. But it’s true. What can I say? I like the beat.

However, I am often not listening to hip-hop because frankly so much of it is too foul to tolerate (see Philippians 4:8).

I am happy to find that this is not the case with “The Procussions” latest single “The Storm,” which is iTunes’ free download of the week. Go download the song. If you are any kind of hip-hop fan at all, you’ll really like this one.

Here are some of the lyrics from the single “The Storm”:

Yo I was born in a violent storm
In an endless fight between right and wrong
I write songs like letters from war
Stuff a message in a bottle and I send it to shore
Encouragement for the men and women who lost steam
Rebel music for my people who’ve been swimming upstream
Some things are not what they seem
What you thought was a peasant might just be the King . . .

Yo I was not made just so I could decay
These songs aren’t played just so we could get paid
I walk in the way in the truth til the light works through me
I ain’t afraid to say the word ‘beauty’
I ain’t ashamed to be odd
I know the path is hard, but somehow I’m getting closer to God
Knowing by His scars I am healed,
Healed in the storm until the morning star is revealed

I really don’t know much else about this group, but this single is really good.


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