Dan Wallace on Reinventing Jesus

Reinventing JesusI will be co-hosting the radio program “Jerry Johnson Live” today, and our guest on the show will be my old mentor Dr. Dan Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Wallace has just published a book titled Reinventing Jesus, in which he takes on the likes of Bart Ehrman and his radical views on the Bible.

As you may know, Bart Ehrman has been making the media rounds promoting his book Misquoting Jesus. In this book, Ehrman mounts a full-scale assault on the doctrine of inerrancy. Unlike his more scholarly tomes, Ehrman is reaching a popular audience with this particular book. The wide reach of Misquoting Jesus is attested by Ehrman’s two appearances on Comedy Central: (1) once on The Daily Show, and (2) once on The Colbert Report.

I look forward to talking with Dr. Wallace this evening and hope you will listen in. Dan Wallace takes on the critics in an intelligent and provocative way, and I think it will be worth your time.

The show airs from 5-6pm Central Time on Friday, July 7. Click here to listen live online.


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