Barry Breaks-in to Blogosphere

Denny & Barry at RA camp-out, circa 1985My best friend of 22 years, Barry Joslin, has a new blog, on which he has posted a favorable review of a certain book (a book whose name I don’t want to mention seeing as how I don’t want to appear self-serving, though please don’t expect me to direct your attention to any negative reviews of said book 🙂 ).

Go check out Barry’s new site. As the kids say, it’s da bomb!


6 thoughts on “Barry Breaks-in to Blogosphere”

  1. Denny,
    I think that we were trying to cook eggs or pancakes on makeshift R.A. “burners.” They were not good. What is good is Denny’s sweet hair and those glasses that tinted in the sunlight. BTW, that’s a duck call around my neck, and I am wearing Kangaroos, likely with something jammed in the pocket.

    Speaking of the RA’s, does anyone remember the Royal Ambassador pledge by heart? I acutally slipped into it on accident when praying for our most recent college graduates at Boyce College’s spring graduation festivities in front of 1000 people. I am surprised that no one broke out in laughter, especially RDM, who was right behind me on stage.

    Good times!

  2. For those who were not able to enjoy the glories of the Royal Ambassadors, here is the pledge (I type this by heart):

    “As a Royal Ambassodor
    I will do my best
    to become a well-informed,
    responsible follower of Christ,
    to have a Christ-like concern for all people,
    to learn how the message of Christ
    is carried around the world,
    to work with others in sharing Christ,
    and to keep myself clean and healthy,
    in mind and body.”

    That’s still a good pledge!

  3. I miss GAs and RAs…there was just something great about those ministries of the church…oh well….at least a few of us were groomed under those principles…

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