Why Europe Hates America

BBC NewsDo you want to know why folks abroad don’t like America? It’s because of reports like this one in the BBC:

The BBC has uncovered new video evidence that US forces may have been responsible for the deliberate killing of 11 innocent Iraqi civilians (source).

That line is the lead from the story, but it’s not even the most provocative part (nor necessarily inaccurate). In one of the paragraphs that follow, the story suggests that this kind of atrocity is routine for American troops. In reporting the announcement that U.S. soldiers will be undergoing “ethical training” as a result of the killing, the BBC reports:

The news of ethical training for US-led troops is likely to be greeted with cynicism by many Iraqis, the BBC’s Ian Pannell in Baghdad says, as the troops have long been accused of deliberately targeting civilians (source).

Now what is the average Brit going to conclude after reading this story? He or she is going to conclude that U.S. troops in Iraq are monsters on a killing spree. It’s one thing to say that a small group of soldiers may have committed a crime against Iraqis (and if it’s true they should be tried and convicted of murder). It’s quite another thing to suggest that this represents the normal behavior of our men and women in uniform.

It’s no wonder that the rest of the world opposes our efforts in Iraq when this is the kind of press that we get.


4 thoughts on “Why Europe Hates America”

  1. “It’s no wonder that the rest of the world opposes our efforts in Iraq when this is the kind of press that we get.”

    Denny, I think it is just the opposite. The world gives us this kind of press because they oppose our efforts. Heck, even the American press does this because those who have the ink and microphones oppose our efforts. Have you seen much press for a mother that lost her son and still supports her country, NO the hypocrites parade Cindy Shehan in primetime.

    Most of the American press and many in congress has done a 180 since the start of the war. I hate it that there is bad press against our soldiers, even when we are wrong they always make us “wronger” than we really are.

    The majority of the media are the biggest hypocrites in this nation and the world. They drumbeat the negative until the polls show the numbers they want and then blame the President for not doing the PR that should be done to promote our efforts. I literaly get sick at my stomach when people fall for this illusion created by the media.

    I think its time for this war to go into executive session, media out of the room, and lets finish thing, God willing.

  2. That’s a “hard news lead” and there’s nothing provocative about it from a journalistic standpoint. If the BBC uncovered new video evidence, then the lead is just there to say so. A hard news lead is generally considered the least “provocative” and the most professional type of lead for a breaking news story. What would be provocative is if the video evidence proved accurate.

  3. Why is everyone so quick to accuse our soliders of this “atrocity.” I mean what happend to innocent until proven guilty? Who is to say that this isnt a tactict employed by the enemy to bring division among us and lower moral within the US army? I dont think its too radical to assume that Iraqi’s would kill their own to frame the US. However, we must not forget that this is war. To end WW2 we dropped two massive bombs on our “innocent enemy civilians” and obliterated thousands within seconds. Should we call back all those involved with this horrific event and throw them in prison? Maybe Hiroshima could have been prevented had our bomb technicians had “ethics training.”

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