Something I Will Never Get Over

Saving Private RyanIt’s Memorial Day weekend, and there are many war movies being shown on television. Tonight, I am watching “Saving Private Ryan,” which I believe is probably the best WWII movie ever made (and I have seen many).

Every time I watch this movie, I’m reminded of something I will never quite get over. In 1998, “Saving Private Ryan” was nominated for best picture along with “Life Is Beautiful,” “Thin Red Line,” “Elizabeth,” and “Shakespeare in Love.” Believe it or not, “Shakespeare in Love” won best picture and beat out “Saving Private Ryan,” to my lasting chagrin.

Now you tell me, which movie has proven to be the classic and which one has gone the way of the dodo?

(Full Disclosure: I never saw “Shakespeare in Love” and don’t ever plan to.)


4 thoughts on “Something I Will Never Get Over”

  1. My wife says Shakespeare in Love was good. Thin Red Line was a bummer. Never saw Life is Beautiful although it is on many more top 25 lists that Saving Private Ryan.

    Saving Private Ryan is the greatest war movie of all time. Except for Vin Diesel…I don’t like that guy very much.

  2. Except for 1 scene in Band of Brothers – I think you would like it a lot better than SPR (not to downplay SPR – it was an EXCELLENT WWII movie). You should check out Band of Brothers when you get a chance (yeah right – like that is going to happen – you’ve got a baby now).

    When was Shakespeare in Love? Did he go squimmin?

  3. We used a clip of SPR in our services today. It was amazing how our SP used it to tie into his message about Freedom in Christ and also honoring our Vetrans, spouses who are still living, as well as many in our congregation who are on the battlefield currently.

    This movie, as well as what Memorial Day stands for, really makes me feel honored to live in a land where we have the opportunity to freely worship each Sunday (or anyother day for that matter) and for the men and women (specifically my dad) who have fought to where we can have that freedom. Our SP just returned from a missions trip to India and Ethiopia and witnessed hostility in those countries towards Christians.

  4. Yeah, I would give a hearty reccomendation for Life is beautiful & Band of brothers. But I think you are right, Denny…SPR takes the cake…

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