Intro to Hermeneutics Lecture

I gave an introductory lecture on Hermeneutics at FBC Dallas tonight, and I promised the folks who attended the lecture that I would post the notes here on my blog. So for whoever is interested, you can click on the following link and download the lecture.

Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

It’s a PDF file, so you’ll need to dowload and install the Adobe reader in order to view it.


2 thoughts on “Intro to Hermeneutics Lecture”

  1. Denny,
    Thanks for this. Always nice to see how others do this. I have a lecture on this order I give to college freshman, but I run four models through the feminist/traditionalilst grid, but I get to each of your points in the lecture.

    Might be a good time to introduce, also, the role the Subject does play in interpreting. So your focus on Text (which I agree with) could be discussed by how much impact our context plays in influencing us — can we ever get away from that? Obviously not; can we come to terms with that original text/author, indeed.

  2. Scot,

    I’d be interested to know what hermeneutics textbook(s) you use. I mainly teach undergraduates, and their primary text is Robert H. Stein’s A Basic Guide to Biblical Interpretation. The main text for my M.A. students is Vanhoozer’s Is There a Meaning in This Text.

    So what do you use?


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