Debunking Myths about the Iraq War

I’ve written much on the justice of the Iraq War, and about how people have misunderstood and mischaracterized President Bush’s rationale for war. Readers of this blog know how frustrated I get by the erroneous arguments that are often put forth by people whose real goal is to harm President Bush.

For instance, on “Meet the Press” just this passed Sunday, Tim Russert’s questioning of Condoleeza Rice about the Iraq War was entirely premised on these kinds of erroneous arguments (see transcript).

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Peter Wehner takes on these misguided critiques in the article, “Revisionist History: Antiwar myths about Iraq, debunked” (HT: Justin Taylor). You need to read the whole article, but here’s the closing paragraph.

These, then, are the urban legends we must counter, else falsehoods become conventional wisdom. And what a strange world it is: For many antiwar critics, the president is faulted for the war, and he, not the former dictator of Iraq, inspires rage. The liberator rather than the oppressor provokes hatred. It is as if we have stepped through the political looking glass, into a world turned upside down and inside out (source).

The world will continue to be “upside down” if the truth doesn’t get out. Let’s hope that it does.


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