Get In Here Ministries

Johnny Lang & Chachi LarusoIf you haven’t done so already, you need to check out “Get In Here Ministries.” They have a website that features a video interview with the two founders of the ministry, Johnny Lang and Chachi Laruso.

These guys will revolutionize your thinking about Christianity and its mission. I urge you to watch the video and be transformed by “Get In Here Ministries.” It will change you life forever.


9 thoughts on “Get In Here Ministries”

  1. The small group pastors at our church all watched this together and it has totally changed the way we do evangelism! We’ve adopted the “guilt” method; what a difference it has made! I’m so grateful for “Get In Here Ministries!”

  2. and i thought the guys with the casket and the bull horns in Dwntn Ft. Worth were doing it right, these guys really know how to do ministry. :O)

    Here is a good one for you…

    Me Church

  3. Wow! I have already used the guilt method on my neighbors, and have gotten 3 to pray the prayer, but 4 others cussed me out. Oh well! His sheep will hear His voice, right?!

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