American Idolatry

Carl TruemanIn light of my last post, perhaps a little more serious biblical and theological reflection on the cultural phenomenon of American Idol is in order.

Carl Trueman has done just that in a little piece on the Reformation21 blog. In the essay “American Idolatry,” Trueman explains why this show has become such a smash hit in America today. This is a good piece, and you ought to check it out.

(HT: Joe Blankenship)


2 thoughts on “American Idolatry”

  1. Carl Trueman does an excellent job in his essay, but fails to make one connection.

    In expressing the need for our hermeneutic of culture to be “Total Depravity,” he divorces our own depravity from our critique. When he quotes Orwell, he goes on to say that the majority of us (humans) are sadists, and that is why so many enjoy watching American Idol. How wicked of us to indulge our sinful, sadistic nature by watching other people get hurt by Simon. If anything, the blatent, obvious depravity of contestants should serve as a mirror to point out what we fail to acknowledge in ourselves: equally blatent and obvious depravity.

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