New Podcast

For anyone who may be interested, I am now podcasting. Right now, some of my appearances on the radio show here in Dallas are available. Here's the feed:

I will keep a link to this feed on the right sidebar. To add this podcast in iTunes, follow these directions:

   1. Click on the “Advanced” button at the top of iTunes
   2. Select “Subscribe to Podcast” in the drop down menu
   3. In the box underneath “URL:” enter this address,
   4. Press “OK”

It’s done! You are now subscribed to my podcast!


Allen Smith said…
Glad to see you are now podcasting. I can hear a familiar voice from Peru. Perhaps I'll hear that familiar laugh from Dr. Denny. As I check my other favorite blogs, it seems God is bringing more readers to your site. I look forward to see how God broadens your ministry.Your buddy from way down South,Allen
4/13/2006 11:58:14 AM
Mark said…
thanks Denny!I will set this up at home.
4/13/2006 02:48:50 PM

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