God’s Grace and Cancer

Those of you who read my blog know how much I love and admire John Piper. I esteem him as highly as I do because the Lord has used him so mightily in my own life to raise my esteem for God. John Piper was diagnosed with cancer last December, and by the grace of God is turning the entire trial into a platform for bearing witness to the supremacy of Christ. I love him for that. I love God for that.

On the eve of his surgery to have the cancer removed from his prostate, he penned a little exhortation titled, “Don’t Waste Your Cancer.” As usual, the words are powerful, challenging, and biblical to the core. This piece is not just for those who are battling cancer or some other disease that promises imminent death. It’s for all of us who too often go through our lives as if we would live forever. We won’t. And it’s the essence of folly to order our lives and our devotion as if we would.

Go read this piece from Dr. Piper. It’s a gift for all of us. Don’t waste Dr. Piper’s cancer.

“Don’t Waste Your Cancer” – by John Piper


3 thoughts on “God’s Grace and Cancer”

  1. Denny,
    Thanks for posting the link. I bless the Lord for Dr. Piper. This 10-point document on wasting your cancer is for all believers, and not just those who suffer with cancer or any other disease. It is a great piece. Thanks again for pointing us to it.


  2. what a great piece. It helped me.

    I heard you were going to speak on JJ Live, but I wasn’t able to listen long enough until you came on the air. :O(. Froom what I heard, the topic was something to do with emergent. How did it go?

    Is there a way I can listen to it now (archives?)?


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