Pray for John Piper’s Surgery

Be sure to pray for John Piper’s upcoming surgery to treat his cancer. It will be on February 14. You can read about his illness and about the procedure he’s undergoing here.

In praying for God’s will in this difficult time, Dr. Piper has a good word from John Newton that he’s taken to heart: “Everything is needful that He sends; nothing can be needful that He withholds.”



3 thoughts on “Pray for John Piper’s Surgery”

  1. i’m in seattle right now and don’t think i want to come back. I went to Mars Hill yesterday morning. There was beer served at the church superbowl party and people cuss a lot. I felt kind of at home.

  2. Denny:

    Love the new pic of you on the skateboard (or, as we call them in the old country–Georgia–the “injury plank.”) I enjoy reading your blog, and recently linked it to mine.

    BTW, we found out yesterday that Leah is pregnant. Very cool.

    Nathan Finn

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