Interview for ABC News Dallas

The interview aired last night on the 10 o’clock news (see previous post). I had been wondering how my comments would come across once they were edited to fit into the report. Having seen it, I have to say that it could have been worse. They have me reading the scripture (1 Corinthians 6:9) to the effect that the “unrighteous” will not inherit the kingdom of God. But they didn’t include the part about the Gospel being for all kinds of sinners. Nevertheless, it’s always a good thing to be able to read scripture, so I can’t complain.

If you want to watch the video, click here: Watch Video.

If you want to read the story, click here: Read Report.


5 thoughts on “Interview for ABC News Dallas”

  1. Amen Brother!!! I am glad the guy the married me and my wife supports a homosexual marraige ban! Good Job Denny, God’s blessing are going to be especially rich for those who stand up for the Gospel as one guy told me oneday in his office at his house….hmm.. pretty smart guy…

  2. If my computer wasn’t jack, I would compliment you as well…perhaps I shall view it tomorrow at school.

    I did notice that it was in the chapel? That is awesome.

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