R. Albert Mohler on Contraception in Marriage

R. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has posted the second of two articles on married couples who refuse to have children. You ought to take a look at both of them.

This most recent article is titled “Deliberate Childlessness Revisited,” and the first is titled “Deliberate Childlessness: Moral Rebellion With a New Face.”

Mohler admits that he touched a nerve with the first article—which is no surprise given that he maintains that “deliberate childlessness” is a “moral rebellion” against God.


2 thoughts on “R. Albert Mohler on Contraception in Marriage”

  1. I did take a look at both of them, and I think RAM is way off base on this one. Next, he will be telling us that because of the Curse of Ham in Genesis 9-10, God’s moral imperative is for us to be white.

    By the way, can you tell me one time when RAM has ‘revisited’ an issue, and actually changed his thinking and admitted that his opponents were right? It seems every time I read him and he ‘revisits’ something, he comes out saying how right he was the first time.

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